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Gender Reveal Ideas!

Thanks to age of social media gender reveals have never been more popular! There are so many ideas and expectations for the big day. One incredible way to announce gender is include family in your ultrasound. It can be challenging to include everyone, because hospitals and clinics provide medical sonograms only, which limit the number of people in the room. 3d/4d novelty ultrasounds businesses offer a great alternative to involve everyone in the viewing experience. Unfortunately these ultrasounds are quick and you are in and out of the office in 15 minutes. A quick office visit doesn't leave much time for a party. Mobile ultrasound companies provide an excellent solution. Having a real time (live scan) ultrasound is an incredible way to impress your friends and family! With a mobile ultrasound company you can set up a gender reveal at a location of your choice, surrounded by your closest friends and family! If you live in Sacramento Greater Area, Baby View to You is the perfect option. Baby View 2 you is a company that will bring a portable ultrasound machine to your home or venue of choice. The unit will be connected to a big screen TV and when baby displays his or her gender, BOOM, let the celebration begin!!! The celebration can continue as long you like. You'll be in your own home or a venue of your choice and you are able to sit and enjoy the amazing news of your new addition!!

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