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Mobile Ultrasound! See your baby at home!

3D/4D fetal ultrasound imaging has become very popular in the last few years. Most non-diagnostic offices offer a variety of packages, but typically the appointment is 10-15 minutes, and it feels over in a flash! Appointments are typically booked back to back to maximize amount of clients seen. The client is able to see their baby, but the moment is fast and if your baby doesn't want to cooperate the experience won't seem as good. Baby View 2 You's mobile ultrasound business is a fantastic alternative to those busy offices. You are able to book a private viewing in your own home, the appointments are 30 min to 45 minutes depending on the package you book. We never want you to feel rushed! Our clients are given the VIP treatment and each package is all inclusive with no hidden fees or up-sells. With mobile ultrasound, each client can still enjoy the excitement of a gender reveal and 3D/4D imaging in the comfort of their own home. The ultrasound unit connects to your big screen tv to ensure all family and friends have a wonderful viewing experience. We understand how hectic daily life tends to be, so our appointments can be booked to suit the clients needs. There is absolutely nothing to lose by trying this incredible service, and we hope to meet you soon!

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