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How many guests can I bring with me to the office? 
You are welcome to have five guests.
When can I learn the gender of my baby?
We start Gender scans and reveals at 13 weeks.
When is the best time for 3/4D imaging?
There are multiple factors to consider, but generally 29-33 weeks is a great time for 3/4D imaging. 
What can I do to get the best images possible?
Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydration with WATER is essential! Next to fetal position, your amniotic fluid levels are the most important component to optimizing your 3/4D ultrasound. Your increased water intake will help your amniotic fluid levels, which will result in better imaging. 
Will my Anterior Placenta (front lying)  affect my images?
It can affect the images. I recommend scheduling 3/4D between 29-30 weeks. The baby will typically 'hug' to a front lying placenta more. Your amniotic fluid levels will be very important in obtaining a clear image. Make sure to increase water intake several days to a week before your appointment.
When do I get the photos/videos of my baby?
In Office appointments: The images will be sent directly to your mobile device.
Does ultrasound use radiation and can it harm my baby?
No. Ultrasound does not use any radiation. A fetal ultrasound is a safe imaging technique that uses sound waves to produce images of a fetus in the uterus.

 Do I need to fill my bladder for the ultrasound?
For ultrasounds 9 -14 weeks please drink 16oz of water 30 min before appointment. For 15 - 39 weeks drinking water is not necessary, but please do not empty 20 min before the ultrasound.
Do I need to eat prior to my exam?
 Eating a piece of fruit or small meal helps give the baby energy prior to the ultrasound. We want baby awake for the exam, this allows us to get the highest quality of images for you.
 Can this ultrasound replace my 20 week appointment?
 No. This ultrasound does not replace your 20-week survey. This is a non-diagnostic exam and is not meant to replace a medical exam.
 Can I record or take photos of the exam?
 Yes! You are welcome to used your personal recording devices during the exam; however, please be respectful of our sonographer's space, while they attend to the expecting mother.

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