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3D vs 4D: Which one is better?

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

3d or 4d, which is better? I get this question all the time. Most patients request 4d, because to them, it sounds better, newer, and they believe they are getting a better deal. The truth is 3d images are just as good, if not better. The exact same ultrasound probe is used for both types of imaging. 4d technology allows for 3d images to be obtained while in motion, it is essentially a live stream 3d picture of your baby. This technology is how your sonographer is able to capture a 3d picture of your baby's yawning, smiling, and other candid moments. Regular 3d imaging is used for when the baby is in a great position and is relatively calm, the quieter the better. The ultrasound probe will take a gray scale image and render it into a 3d picture after the image is stored. This actually leads to a slightly better picture quality than the 4d. The image tends to be a little more crisp and defined. Your sonographer will typically choose 3d or 4d depending on baby's level of cooperation. Either way, pending baby's involvement, you walk away with a lovely memento, and a sneak peak of your little one. :)

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